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This page will be a compendium of stories, resources and other items that we, as caregivers, have found useful over the years.

The System:

Mental Illness Care in Ontario is provided by people who work within a system created by the Provincial Government. The system has two functions:

This means that most of the people you encounter in seeking care for your loved one are wearing two hats:

Approach this conundrum by keeping the following principles in mind:

Other Organizations Active in Ottawa

The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group more The Royal is our tertiary care facility here in Ottawa. Its outreach programs are informative and sometimes comforting.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Ottawa Branch more Their primary focus is on people who suffer from mental illness but they are an excellent resource for those seeking information.

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, Ottawa Region more Based at the Royal, they are exceptionally well informed and invaluable for those who aren’t sure what to do next.

NAMI Family-to-Family Programs, Ontario more If you can make the time, this organization provides a boot camp for caregivers. It is an exceptional experience.

The Evidence Exchange Network… more Ready to network and work on a specific issue? These folks can help.

The Treatment Advocacy Center more Another very fine resource site

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Networkmore PLAN helps families secure the future for their relative with a disability and provide peace of mind.

Janssen Canada has launched a new website more that is a source of information, tools and support for both caregivers and patients.

We all love to watch videos, and this website allows you to watch a video which takes you through a day in the life of a patient. The website also has many useful tools such as a Digital Diary, which allows patients and caregivers to adhere to medications with reminders, symptom trackers and special tools to help you when you are speaking with your doctor.

There is also a short questionnaire to assess how your treatment may be working for you.

Other Family-Centered Associations

The Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) more FAME is based in the Toronto region and shares our concern for families who are coping with mental illness.

Oasis Kanata is a community outreach program of Glen Cairn United Church (GCUC) dedicated to providing support for caregivers of people with mental illnessmore


Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Center more

Parents’ Lifelines of Eastern Ontario more

CMHA Mental Illness Notes more

The Royal Ottawa offers a selection of newsletters more

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